Aug 14, 2017

3 Warning Signs That You Need Technology Management Assistance



Your business is running as smooth as can be and your employees are performing their day-to-day duties in an admirable fashion. Everything is falling into place as you close in on a project deadline with extra time to spare. In a single moment, however, that all comes crashing down as your server experiences a fatal error, or your workstations start to run sluggishly. If your organization suffers from technology difficulties, how do you approach them?

While it’s difficult to know if you need technology assistance when everything is running properly on the surface, there are various warning signs that you can use to indicate whether or not there is a better way to manage technology. Here are just a few of them.

Your Technology Breaks Down Frequently
We know what you’re thinking–it’s obvious that you need help managing your IT when it breaks down constantly. Yet, there are many organizations that will simply ignore this fact in an attempt to cut costs and save a bit of cash. The truth of the matter is that yes, you’re saving money in the short term, but letting technology issues sit unattended for too long can be incredibly dangerous in the long term. For example, if you ignore minor issues, they could evolve into bigger problems that drain productivity and create downtime for your organization. These issues become more prevalent, eventually resulting in a major problem that costs your organization a significant amount of time and expenses.

Your Budget is Becoming Less Flexible
When you realize that you’re spending more to upkeep your current IT infrastructure, you know that something’s not quite right with it. This can have an adverse effect on your business’s budget. When you have to allocate more funds to keeping your technology running properly instead of investing in ways to make more money, you should know that something is wrong that must be addressed. You want your technology to be an asset to your business, not a liability.

You Don’t Have an Internal IT Department
Your problems could be further augmented by the fact that your employees are the ones performing the maintenance rather than a dedicated internal IT department. When issues crop up, professionals should be the ones to resolve them, not your normal employees who may have other responsibilities. When they become responsible for maintaining their own technology, they could cause further issues, but more importantly, they aren’t doing the jobs you’ve hired them for. Let them focus on their work and let IT focus on their own.

Managed IT can be a great way to address the many problems associated with small business technology maintenance. To get started with managed IT services, reach out to COMPANYNAME today at PHONENUMBER.


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