Jul 5, 2021

4 Best Practices for Implementing New Technology Solutions

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When you are looking to implement new technology solutions for your business, the last thing you should do is skip the planning process. You need to carefully consider all of your options, your business’ specific needs, and the various benefits that can come from all of these options. Today we will discuss how your business can choose the best technology that suits your organization and its operations.

This process involves conducting a proper analysis of your business’ needs, identifying how your new technology will fit into your existing payment structure, whether or not it leans into what your business does well, and what your employees think will help them do their jobs better.

Analyze Your Business’ Needs

You can’t make the right choices for your business technology if you don’t know what your specific needs are. Consider what challenges your business faces and how you might overcome them. In this case, however, one thing we want to emphasize is that you should only implement technology when you believe that it will truly make things easier. Sometimes businesses implement technology solutions that only make things more complicated, which does the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do. 

Consider the Price Point

Small businesses often struggle with large up-front costs associated with purchasing new technology solutions, mostly due to the large payments not being particularly conducive to budgeting. We’re not saying that you can’t purchase technology or services up-front–sometimes there are benefits to doing so–but what we are saying is that you should look at other options, like Software as a Service or other services with a monthly payment model. These services tend to be more scalable and fit more easily into budgets.

Lean Into Your Strengths

You do this every day with your employees on a micro level by segmenting off duties and responsibilities based on their roles within your organization, but on a macro level, you can encourage your business to lean into what it does well with the right technology solutions. For example, businesses that pride themselves on great customer service can provide even better customer service by implementing help desk solutions and instant messaging chats. In other words, you are supplementing your business with technology that makes your efforts easier and more effective.

Ask Your Employees

If you are unsure of how your business can more effectively utilize technology, consider asking your employees for their feedback. Ask them what challenges they face and how they might address them. You can then use this information to make informed decisions regarding the technology that you eventually go to implement for your infrastructure. Plus, employees love it when their opinions matter, so if you can learn a thing or two about your organization by listening to their woes, you can make your business a better place to work as a whole.

Work with a Managed Service Provider

If you’re unsure of any of the above, COMPANYNAME can help your business identify business technology solutions that you will find helpful for making progress toward your goals. To learn more, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.


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