Jan 24, 2020

How a Password Manager Helps Your Security

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“Open sesame!” If only the passwords that were required of us every day could be so simple, right? But no, this simply enables cybercriminals. So, for the sake of our accounts and their security, we have to use multiple, complex passwords that meet assorted best practices.

However, passwords can sometimes be too secure. As in, preventing us from accessing our resources ourselves, because we can’t remember which password we used (or what it was).

Fortunately, there is a method that can eliminate all of these issues – making use of a password management system. Let’s go over a few benefits of using one of the available password managers out there.

Less Pressure with Less to Remember

According to a study from 2007, the average computer user had around eight online accounts that required passwords. That was over a decade ago. How much do you think that number has increased by now?

By any estimate, drastically – so the pressure that comes from having to remember a unique, complex, and otherwise “good” password for each account has mounted just as drastically. While human memory is capable of incredible things, it requires work to enable it to reach its full potential; and, is it really realistic to expect your employees to remember all of these passwords, putting in the time and adapting their memories each time a password is updated?

In this context, a password manager effectively serves as an extension of a user’s memory – much like the cloud serves as an extension of a business’ available resources. As long as a user with a password management tool can remember one password, to access the tool itself, they potentially have access to every password they could need.

Higher Security Standards are Simpler to Maintain

On a related note, it is important to address why it is so important that each account gets its own strong password. Consider the potential ramifications if someone used the same credentials for everything, and their security was undermined. In this scenario, the outside party now has access to everything. Not the ideal situation.

However, with a password manager, there is absolutely no reason not to use a different set of credentials for each account, as well as nothing to stop you from using the most complicated passwords you can come up with. Doing so prevents the risk of a breach escalating exponentially, allowing you greater control of your accounts.

More Management Capabilities

It’s pretty unlikely that everyone in your organization will need the same levels of access. It’s much more likely that multiple people will share similar needs, like access to a particular, business-owned online account.

Using a password manager, you can manage the users who are able to access certain credentials, based on their needs and responsibilities. These solutions also make it easier to change the password as you wish, and potentially hide it from even your users, making it even more secure.

For help in implementing a password management solution, or any other security measure, lean on COMPANYNAME! Give us a call at PHONENUMBER to learn more.


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