Jul 14, 2017

Outsourcing Your Email Management Can Help in Many Ways

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How much time does your business waste on a daily basis managing and maintaining its email? Chances are that you spend far too much time on this task, even though it is a necessary function that only serves to enhance the way your business operates. How can you make sure that email management and maintenance happens, even if you don’t have time to make it happen?

The smart decision is to outsource the management of your email solution to an IT provider like COMPANYNAME. We can help your business take full advantage of a powerful email system so that you can focus on your business. Here are some ways we can help your business sort through all of its email.

Email Archiving
After a while, you might accrue so many messages in your email inboxes that it starts to hamper your ability to receive new ones. When this times comes, you might decide that it’s time to delete unimportant messages. Yet, what do you do with the actual important messages? What if you have to come back to them to review details regarding a project or an employee? In cases like this, email archiving helps you clean out your inbox and place messages in a secure database for later viewing. We can even help you set up specific requirements regarding archiving, such as when messages are archived and where they are stored.

Spam Protection
Network security is a topic which extends into email management. In particular, you want to keep spam and other dangerous messages out of your inbox. This is for two main reasons: for one, they are wasteful and can eat up a significant amount of time, and two, they represent one of the more dangerous threats to your organizational network security. If an employee haphazardly downloads an infected attachment or clicks a malicious link in a spam message, you could wind up with a data breach on your hands. Enterprise-level spam protection is a necessity for any business that wants to keep malware and other threats out of their network. This is especially true with the threat of ransomware gaining popularity in the hacking community. Spam protection keeps these messages from hitting your inbox in the first place, saving you time and securing your business.

Email Hosting
Let’s say that your email server is hosted onsite. Technology like this requires near-constant monitoring to ensure that you don’t suffer from mail flow issues or hardware failure. You and your employees certainly don’t have the time to focus on these issues and downtime can cost your organization time and money.

With our email hosting solution, COMPANYNAME can host your email server on our own servers so that you can focus on running your business. Our trusted technicians would be responsible for management and maintenance as per a service level agreement, and you could access your email system through an online cloud-based interface.

Does your business have too much on its plate to handle as is? If so, you’re probably stretched too far to focus on something as important as email management. COMPANYNAME can manage, host, and maintain your business’s email solution in a way which maximizes uptime, optimizes security, and ensures accountability. To learn more about what we can offer your organization, reach out to us at PHONE.


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