Oct 9, 2020

Self Education Can Put You and Your Business Ahead

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The pandemic has been difficult for many business owners, but in this time of peril there has been a silver lining. Many business owners have taken some of the time away from business to sharpen their technical skills. Some of the skills these entrepreneurs are looking to improve include their understanding of the software, telecommunications, and marketing that they use in the course of doing business. To do this, they are using some of the same resources that you use when you want help sharpening your skills: YouTube

Technology Runs Business, but Who Runs the Technology?

A lot of small business owners have a background in business but may seriously lack the technical skills to effectively understand the software that they are going to use to manage their business. Most businesses in 2020 lean heavily on software, and with the downtime some of these entrepreneurs are dealing with because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave them the opportunity to learn more about managing a business using software, what features they can take advantage of, and how to pass this knowledge onto their workforce when they started business back up. 

People use resources like YouTube to enhance their skill sets. Whether it is cooking, mechanical work, or learning tips and tricks that will help them in business, YouTube and other video resources can be extraordinarily useful. According to an Internet study concerning autodidactism—the act of self teaching—almost sixty percent of people favor YouTube, but other forms of self-education include paid and free online courses, using articles and blogs like this one, and listening to books on tape and podcasts to enhance their understandings of concepts. 

Why Improving Tech Skill is a Giant Win for Business

By improving technical skill sets and learning new and interesting ways to utilize the technology that their business has on hand, entrepreneurs can not only have a better understanding of technology, they can save their business money, organize their business’ operations more efficiently, and build a more productive workplace. With the pandemic still ongoing, the more a business can do to improve efficiency and productivity, the better.

For employees that take initiative to learn more about how to be more proficient for their company the benefits are clear. They tend to be promoted quicker, make more money, and be able to lead their co-workers in a time when being productive is a paramount consideration for managers and business owners.

Software Proficiency Is in High Demand

It’s one thing to be able to set up a router or troubleshoot a problem on your PC or mobile phone, it’s another to be able to master the software that your business uses day-in and day-out. For the average employee, learning business software may be a priority, but just in the context that not knowing what to do puts their job at risk. 

By going above and beyond, some employees’ efforts to improve their knowledge of management software, project management applications, and mobile-based operational apps are setting a higher standard for what an organization expects out of their staff. Having their staff utilize revenue-generating or cost-reducing features inside a line of business software can be a major benefit for a company.

In business, the more you know, the better positioned you are going to be. Return to our blog again soon to take advantage of our experience and knowledge in the IT field.


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