Feb 3, 2021

Tip of the Week: How to Avoid Losing Your Tech While Out and About

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses into implementing remote operations, such work had been rising in popularity for a while. As a result, this only makes it more important to consider remote work as an option, particularly as the need to socially distance remains pressing.

Let’s review a few best practices when it comes to working remotely that may come in handy, should you continue to implement remote capabilities even after the current motivation for doing so has passed.

Keep Your Things Organized

Remote work makes it particularly important to keep track of the technology and resources you have with you. This will be especially the case once public places reopen and your team is free to potentially work from a local café or a shared workspace, rather than just their home.

As a result, it is particularly prudent to invest in some means of carrying around technology in an organized and productivity-boosting way. Such an investment not only makes it easier to ensure that your technology is kept safe and available, it also makes it simpler to be productive from anywhere.

Naturally, it is always helpful to double-check this storage to ensure everything is where you left it, particularly while out in public.

Keep Your Cases Closed

We’ve all passed someone working in public (or have been this person ourselves) who—to be frank—seems to be inviting someone to take something from them. Open laptop cases and knapsacks, mobile devices left unattended, and other bad habits only invite people to try and take your valuable tools. Make sure you’re at least keeping your cases closed unless actively using them, as even this can help convince a potential thief that the effort isn’t worth it.

Make Sure Your Technology is Distinctive

While they may seem garish, certain efforts to personalize your technology—stickers, bright and gaudy peripherals, and such—can make it much easier to keep track of your technology and discourage sticky fingers.

Not only can such elements and additions make it easier to describe a lost device to someone, but they also make it more of a challenge to walk away without it. In the case of a thief, they can make it more of a challenge to walk away with it, to boot.

Tracking Technology with Technology

Finally, there are many IT solutions that can be used today to help make sure that your other tools are safe and accounted for. Both the Android and iOS platforms have built-in applications incorporated into their operating systems to assist in locating a misplaced device, with other solutions and physical devices can help with this as well. An investment of a few dollars can save hundreds and potentially thousands by helping you to recover an expensive device and the data it can access.

At COMPANYNAME, we can only do so much to help you keep track of your solutions, but we can make sure the time you spend with them is as productive as possible. For our help in managing your business’ IT, give us a call at PHONENUMBER today.


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