Sep 1, 2021

3 Tips for Successful Cloud Migration

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The cloud has been instrumental in driving the digital shift in the business world. Cloud computing is a critical enabler for innovation, customer experience, and cost reduction.


While the adoption of the cloud is accelerating, many businesses don’t understand the requirements and limitations of cloud consumption.


Cloud offers many advantages, such as:

  • Mobile and remote access to information
  • Business resiliency
  • Cost savings on hardware
  • Time savings for your IT department
  • Scalability
  • Built-in security and compliance tools


Moving your data and applications onto the cloud is a multi-step process. This means you need to plan effectively and ahead of time for a successful migration.

Three ways to ensure successful cloud migration:

Hire an Efficient and Capable IT Team


Cloud services are in high demand, which has created a shortage of qualified people to do the work. Cloud projects succeed when you and your cloud provider bring their A team to the grid. If you’re not getting the right people, you risk an inferior outcome.

Choose What Belongs on The Cloud


Not all apps are cloud friendly. Some apps may need minor tweaking while others need in-depth code changes. A full analysis of complexity and implementation is easier to do before the migration rather than after. Moving your apps to the cloud means that you’re also refactoring the apps. Re -architect as many on-premise apps as possible for a cloud-native design. Not everything belongs in the cloud!

Make a Plan for Migration


Before embarking on your journey to the cloud, clearly establish what you want to accomplish. You need to approach the cloud strategically — rethink budgets, processes, skills, security, data integration, etc. Also ensure there is a strong buy-in

across your teams. A successful migration is all about conscious decisions thought well out in advance.


As business practices change, data management changes, too. We need to understand that we’re not simply putting our data in the cloud — we’re starting a large change management project. Want to learn more about cloud migration? Reach out to our team and we will walk you through how we can help.


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