Sep 25, 2020

Speed Up Your Email Communications with Gmail Templates

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Gmail is a popular option for businesses seeking to use email, one of the business world’s most popular solutions, seeing as it has a 33.7 percent market share. Many of these businesses may have found that they spend more time using Gmail than they would prefer. Fortunately, if this time is spent repeatedly writing the same message, there is a solution: Gmail templates.

What are Gmail Templates?

Gmail templates are a functionality that comes built into the solution itself, effectively serving as a boilerplate email that can be easily edited as needed and sent along. Because it eliminates the time spent writing what amounts to the same message over again each time you need it, templates can considerably improve your efficiency as you manage your emails.

How to Use Gmail Templates

To access and create your templates, you will first need to enable them. This can be done by accessing your Settings, and from there, selecting See All Settings and then accessing Advanced. Once there, the Templates option can be found, so you’ll want to Enable it. As always, make sure to Save Changes. This will allow you to create a library of templates to choose from as you send various stock correspondence.

Creating and Selecting Gmail Templates

This process is a simple one:

  • Start a new email message and draft the message to what you want your template to say.
  • Click on the message’s three-dot menu button and locate the Templates option.
  • A sub-menu will pop up, giving you the option to Save draft as template. You can use this to either create a new template, or to edit one already saved in your library.

Speaking of your template library, it will also appear in this same sub-menu when you are looking for a template to use. If a template ultimately outlives its usefulness and no longer applies to your needs, this menu also gives you the option to Delete template.

We hope that this makes Gmail that much more efficient for you to use in the future. For more useful tips, as well as other IT news, advice, and best practices, make sure you subscribe to our blog!


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