Nov 23, 2020

Technology to Target as the Holidays Approach

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Most people like new technology, whether it is a lamp shaped like the moon, a new video game console, or just a gadget that may improve their life a little bit. We looked around to try and find some business-esque technology the professional would be able to use in their office (or home office). Let’s take a look at them now:


Every technology user runs out of power at some time or another. Typically, the home office is built inside the home, so finding enough outlets can be problematic. Surge protectors can provide these outlets, but can often burn out quickly or be a fire hazard. Today, there are surge protectors that not only provide an increase of outlets, they can also work to protect your most important technology: your computers, modem, router, etc. from fluctuations in electric current. 

Besides this there are other power-related options such as power banks and wireless chargers that will keep people connected while they are out on the go. When buying power-related gifts, make sure that the recipient has hardware that is compatible with the option you select, to avoid embarrassment.


For the person that prioritizes comfort, you might want to find something that will keep them cushy. These gifts can range in price from a dollar to thousands of dollars, but regardless of what your budget is, you should be able to find something adequate for the people you love. 

Options such as a new desk chair can completely change someone’s outlook and ability to sit comfortably through the day if they work at an office/home office. Other options like blue-light filtering glasses that are a good option to help avoid eye strain or a smart mug that keeps their beverage warm longer are perfect. Since everyone appreciates gifts that make the daily grind easier or more enjoyable, this is a great way to go for the professional in your life. 


This year has been rough as most desk workers have been working from home, and many have had to figure out how to work out a home/life balance when everything they do is ostensibly from home. There are some gag gifts and even services that you can give that could be great at getting people more relaxed as they work from home. 

Gifts as simple as a Newton’s cradle, fidget spinner, or Rubik’s cube can help people relieve stress. Other options include a miniature punching bag for the high strung, to a desktop putting green for the golf aficionado that everyone knows. 

What technology will you be giving (and receiving) this holiday season? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and stop back here for more technology-based reading soon.


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