Nov 25, 2020

Why Managed Services Are Your Best Bet for IT Support

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If you’re seeking out an IT resource to assist your business in maintaining its all-important technology resources, you’re almost certainly seeking out the option that will give you the greatest return on your investment in terms of value. There is no denying that we are biased in our opinion, but that doesn’t change the fact that—dollar for dollar—the investment you make into managed services will always be the best choice.

Of course, we are biased, so it only makes sense that you would take our opinion with a grain or two of salt. However, we can back up our claims by simply describing the experience that the managed service provider (or MSP) provides to a client.

What Makes a Managed Service Provider a Good Choice?

Simple: A Modern Approach to IT Management Generates Benefits for You

By simply changing the “how” of IT maintenance, the MSP’s approach suddenly becomes far more productive for the client.

  • Instead of waiting for one of their clients to reach out with an issue, the MSP utilizes remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to proactively identify and resolve issues.
  • The remote approach of an MSP also helps make the support process more efficient, as there is no delay in service due to travel time.
  • An MSP’s services are not typically restricted to workday hours, instead monitoring a client’s technology infrastructure 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Unlike many other options, an MSP won’t bill by the hour and factor in travel, supplies, or other charges. Instead, an MSP will sign a contract with its client to provide an inclusive list of services in exchange for a set monthly rate.

These differentiators make working with an MSP’s assistance a much less agonizing experience than working without such support could be. Just consider the confidence you could have in your essential technology solutions, and how much you could get done without worrying about the expense that an IT issue would otherwise incur.

This sustained functionality and budgetary stability provides many businesses with plenty of motivation to at least consider turning to an MSP.

Selecting the Right MSP for Your Needs

When choosing which MSP is the right one for you to work with, there are a few criteria that you need to keep in mind.

Where is the MSP located?

While the defining trait of an MSP is to offer remote IT support, some issues will require some hands-on intervention to properly fix them. As a result, you want your MSP to be reasonably close by to minimize the downtime that such issues might cause.

What kind of response time does the MSP guarantee?

Another important point to pay attention to is the amount of time that it takes for your provider to respond to any call for assistance that a client puts in. The longer a response takes, the more expensive that downtime becomes, so you want to be sure that this time is as short as possible.

How can you contact the MSP?

Finally, how many ways can you reach out to your IT provider to request their assistance? This is important, because it helps to ensure that you can always get a hold of help when it is needed. If your provider only accepts email support requests, a malfunctioning email server is going to be a problem. Accessibility matters.

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