Aug 16, 2017

Tip of the Week: 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer



A slow computer is many things, but most of all, it’s an annoying problem to have. When you have work that needs to get done, a slow computer can hold you back from reaching your maximum potential. Do you struggle with technology that’s running at less than maximum efficiency? We’ll discuss some of the ways that you can resolve the issue of a slow computer.

Restart the Computer
One of the most basic ways that you can resolve some basic computer troubles, like slow speed, is to restart the computer. This resets many of the processes that keep a computer running properly, and could be a major factor in many of the problems you face. Plus, it doesn’t take all that long to do, and it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and waiting a moment or two. You don’t have much to lose by rebooting your computer, and it’s a best practice in the first place. Try restarting at the end of every workday and see if the slowness persists. If it doesn’t, then great. If it does, well… best try some of these other tips.

End Background Program Processing
Sometimes your computer could be slowed down by programs that run in the background. These same programs may also autorun when the machine is booted up, causing it to start up much slower than you’d prefer. You can check to see how many programs you have running on startup by going through your Task Manager. First, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then navigate to the tab that says Startup. You can then proceed to enable or disable various processes by right-clicking them. Of course, you want to check with your IT department before making any significant changes to this, as they may have programs running that need to be there for your device to work as intended.

Update Your Drivers
Drivers are installations on your computer that allow for compatibility with various external devices, like a mouse or a thumb drive. They need to be periodically updated to ensure they are kept up-to-date. You can check the status of your drivers by going to your search bar and typing in “update driver settings.” This will open your Device Settings, which shows all of the devices connected to your computer. You then must select the device you want to update the driver for and click the icon with a little green arrow that says Update driver software.

Acquire More RAM
RAM is one of the internal components that helps your business run. It stands for random access memory, and it plays a pivotal role in the speed of your computer. Depending on your business’s needs, chances are that you aren’t making use of enough RAM–especially if you are responsible for more intensive tasks like video or image editing. If you think you need more RAM, it’s best to consult with a professional technician to see if more RAM will solve your problems.

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