Jul 13, 2022

Upcoming Cyber Security Threats of the Future

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In the last few years, we’ve seen workers connect to the office from home, creating a rise in security breaches for many industries.

If you are a business owner looking to ensure your business is secure, you likely want to stay ahead of the curve and discover how cyber-attacks are set to evolve in the coming years. Maybe you’re just curious. In any case, here are the significant upcoming changes to the world of cyber security in the years to come.



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence poses a massive threat to all users of the internet. Simply put, artificial intelligence enables hackers to invade your network and get better at it as they do so.

Instead of trying to figure out your passwords, AI bots can simply brute force their way into many people’s private data; by trying millions of known-passwords, they can get into many accounts.

A recent study by Scientists using 43 million LinkedIn accounts found that AI programs could guess a quarter of the passwords.

Using unique and often arduously long and complex passwords will be necessary if this threat becomes as dangerous as experts are predicting.

You should use two-factor authentication when possible as well.

Biometric Data Collection

More and more companies are collecting your biometric data. Governments worldwide are collecting biometric data from their citizens without having the proper security to keep that information safe. Biometric data collected from developing nations are especially at risk due to their lack of security infrastructure.

Believe us, a lot of companies and governments have started to collect biometric data. While these stockpiles are usually well protected, sometimes it isn’t enough.

Some tips for protecting your network and keeping your biometric data include:

  1. Using strong passwords.
  2. Using two-factor authentication when applicable.
  3. Using anti-spoofing technology

Public Apathy

If the last few paragraphs have made you run off to Google to research Artificial Intelligence or Biometric data, we don’t blame you. We encourage you to dive deeper into these subjects. Only through knowledge and preparedness can we hope to combat the imminent threats to your data.

Always remember what devices you are using and how they can be attacked. For a single individual, it may be enough to do the following:

       Use strong passwords—the more complicated, the better. Do not under any circumstances use Batman.

       Check cookie agreements for websites you visit. Websites are collecting a lot of your data.

       Two-factor authentication is your friend.

       Use secure wifi when possible. When not possible, a VPN is vital.

       Consider getting a cover for your webcams.

       Don’t permit apps to do anything that isn’t completely necessary.

       Ask for help from experts.

When managing network security, the opportunity for invasive users only climbs. That is why it is essential to take personal responsibility.

If you own a business, ensure you and your employees follow these rules. You should also speak to a professional about getting suitable network security.


At Netcotech, we can help you with all your IT solutions to keep your business and your staff secure. For a free risk assessment, please contact us.



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