Jun 8, 2020

You Need to Focus on Your Cybersecurity on Three Fronts

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When a business gets hacked or loses data, it can turn out to be a problem that won’t go away. If your business is seeking to get the security it needs to protect the welfare of your employees, your clients, and your substantial investment, you have to start to look at the bigger picture. The security of your business happens at three levels and you need a plan for each. Today, we’ll take a look at these three levels.

Maintaining Physical Security

Some people absolutely feed off planning for physical security, some don’t. The ones that do typically understand that there are a lot of people out there who want access to what they have. The ones that don’t focus more on accessibility. Regardless of which type of person you are, you need to understand that without physical security in place, you probably won’t need any other security, because you won’t have a business to secure. 

Since it is so important, there are several things you can do to ramp up your business’ physical security protocols. Two of them include:

  • Lean on access control – No matter whether you have a lot of physical assets or a few, an access control strategy will work to secure the parts of your business that you need secured. You can control access to any door, workstation, server, etc. With comprehensive access control in place, you have the ability to hand out keys to all of your business’ assets.
  • Deploy Powerful Tools – Physical security can come down to the perception of security as much as it can come down to having state-of-the-art tools; but, they sure are handy. Digital security cameras, smart locks, and light positioning all come in handy when trying to protect your business.

While physical security is an obvious place to invest, because it doesn’t just keep people that you don’t want in, out, it also can prevent social engineering attacks. 

Build a Strategy Against Cybercrime

Unfortunately, cybercrime can be perpetrated in many different ways. It can come from inside your office and outside. Most attacks are carried out by people outside of your network, but without the mistakes and negligence of someone with access (as we’ll touch on later), businesses would deal with so many. To completely protect your network you’ll need to incorporate these strategies:

  • Patching and Updating Software – To keep your software from having vulnerabilities that could wreck your business, patching and updating software regularly can make all the difference.
  • Spam blocking – Being able to sort the wheat from the chaff is important in any endeavor, but when 90 percent of data breaches come from email spam, ensuring that that your spam blocker is updated and eliminating access to threats is advantageous to your business. 
  • Firewalls – A strong firewall will keep a lot of unwanted code off of your network. Deploying them at strategic points in your network can improve your overall network security. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – You will want to deploy multi-factor authentication in as many applications as you can. This provides an extra layer of security on top of the passwords. 
  • Mobile Management – Today’s business relies on its remote workers. As a result, there should be a comprehensive mobile management system set up to help IT administrators control the flow of data in and out of the business’ network.
  • Get tested – Once you think you’re done, you aren’t. You will need to get your network tested. Call COMPANYNAME to schedule one. 

You’ve got all the tools in place, you’ve tested your security, and you are monitoring everything. What’s left to do? The most difficult part, unfortunately. 

Training for the Cybersecurity Olympics

With so many security breaches being a result of carelessness, having a dedicated plan to train your employees on the best cybersecurity practices will undoubtedly help your overall success. Your business is facing a tough situation. Millions of phishing emails are sent each day, and to keep them from affecting your business, you’ll need a well-trained workforce.

Some points of emphasis include:

  • Password Hygiene
  • Data Security Practices
  • Secure Processes
  • Access Control Standards
  • Social Media Use
  • Conformity to Policies

Be proactive and get your security right. If you have any questions call the experts at COMPANYNAME today at PHONENUMBER.


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