Oct 22, 2021

Data Protection in the Work-From-Home Era



With more and more companies switching to a work-from-home model, employees need to be more careful with work data. Many employees lack the knowledge about how to best keep data safe and secure, and those preying on them know that this gap in understanding exists.

Are Remote Workers More at Risk of Hacking?

Since remote working has changed the way we use our devices, they are at risk of data breaches in different ways. Home devices may be targeted by cybercriminals looking to use a home network to access business devices. Third-party applications, messaging, and emails will be more at risk of phishing messages as a result.

Remote workers are most at risk of data breaches, and it’s a trend that will continue as remote working becomes the new normal. Businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable in their device security, as well as their data security.

Why are Remote Workers More Vulnerable to Security Breaches?

As we get comfortable working from home, we naturally let our guard down. We feel safe in our house at the best of times, so we think our devices are safe too.

But the reality is that outside the firewall protections offered with company servers, we are more vulnerable. Home modems and routers aren’t enough. And attacks on cloud services and cloud-based collaboration tools have increased by 600% during the beginning months of 2020.

How Do You Prevent Hacks and Data Breaches for Work-From-Home Employees?

It’s up to business owners, managers, and IT departments to clearly communicate the risks and possible breaches that go along with working from home. Security awareness is a constant learning process, and educating staff on how to protect themselves is the key to maintaining security.

The best way for companies and their employees to protect their data is to be vigilant about how security may be compromised and get ahead of it. Remote work may make employees and organizations more vulnerable, but working from home can be seamless with awareness of cyber threats.


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