Dec 6, 2019

Ramp Up Distribution with Fleet Management Tools

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The Internet has made it possible to purchase goods and services so easily that we need new people to blame when we don’t have those purchases in hand in less than 72 hours. The speed in which shipping is capable nowadays is the result of superior logistics. If your business is beginning to utilize ecommerce, or if it has trouble with the costs associated with the distribution of your goods, a fleet management system could be the solution to your problems. 

What is Fleet Management?

A fleet management system is specifically built for distributors. It’s aimed for businesses that depend on transportation that can include taxi companies, product distributors, service organizations, and more. The whole idea is to be able to track, route, and support a fleet of vehicles, the efficient delivery of goods and services, and an overall reduction of organizational distribution costs. Think of it as basic distribution logistics for your business. 

Fleet management also can help you significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of vehicles, enforce safety policies, and drive down risk. Using GPS technology, the fleet management system will track all vehicle deployments. With the ability to integrate with a CRM, ERP, or other management platform, the fleet management system can also be used to ensure that all maintenance that is needed on a fleet of vehicles is tracked and scheduled.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that can come from implementing a dedicated fleet management platform:

Driver Safety

One of the major challenges of having to depend on a fleet of vehicles is keeping the drivers of those vehicles safe. With fleet management, vehicles are continuously tracked and are equipped with technology that can provide additional transparency such as dash cams. These features promote driver safety by providing all the information necessary to alter routes to promote efficiency and keep drivers out of harm’s way, while also providing the data necessary to know how to effectively train drivers.  

Driver Retention

With a shortage of available drivers, many distributors are finding it difficult to retain theirs. High turnover of any position will carry a higher price tag. By adding in fleet management systems, you are improving your workplace’s conditions by improving the relationships between administrators and drivers. 

Fleet Tracking

Knowing where your company’s vehicles are is a huge benefit. Beyond that, a core feature of a fleet management system is that it allows for comprehensive route creation to cut down on delivery times, maintenance, and fuel costs. 

Maintenance and Vehicle Acquisition

In order to keep your business running effectively, you need to be able to forecast when your business needs to make strategic investments in its fleet. A fleet management system will give you all the data you need to be able to strategically plan on when to acquire new vehicles, what the ROI of those investments will likely be, and when your standing fleet needs maintenance. 

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