Jul 31, 2020

The Pandemic Has Brought Some Positive Progress

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It is an unfortunate truth that not much can be said about the current pandemic that’s “positive.” Frankly, it’s hard to be positive, let alone laugh, despite how important it is that we are and do. We wanted to help fix that, so we’re sharing a few benefits of the situation we’re currently experiencing to take some well-earned comfort in.

Distance Learning and Remote Work

Granted, the concept of working remotely has been around for some time now in both the educational and vocational sense. Having said that, these options have never seen such validity in the public eye as they are now. While the technology and solutions we have now (like Virtual Private Networking and cloud collaboration tools) make this much simpler and more secure, there are new challenges to be overcome.

For instance, in addition to the obvious operational and data security obstacles that remote operations introduce, your team members may ultimately feel detriments because of their relative isolation. You need to be sure that you have the right solutions in place to either resolve these problems or provide a sufficient workaround.

Online Commerce

Here’s the hard facts—if we want to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is irresponsible for us to be out and about any more than absolutely necessary. This presents a challenge, as there are goods and services that people need but still may hesitate to venture out for. Online commerce has become the pandemic-friendly compromise between business-as-usual and the new normal. With their survival remaining in question otherwise, many businesses have been quick to adapt as they can.

Of course, this is not to say that the various business requirements and safeguards that need to be upheld can all go by the wayside for the time being. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the online space brings a few added requirements itself. However, with face-to-face interaction being a risky prospect at best until a vaccine is developed, online commerce is likely the direction your business should follow.

Contactless Digital Payments

However, let’s assume that a business operates in a space that isn’t nearly as transferrable to online sales. It is important that this business, and those like it, have a means of accepting payments besides cash or check. Alternative forms of digital payment make this a much simpler prospect, as can be seen through online payment portals and contactless digital payment terminals.


Masks have suddenly become a prerequisite to any kind of personal interaction. While many people have been able to adjust perfectly well to this new etiquette, there are a few glaring shortcomings that these masks have as they help stifle the spread. Listening to someone speak through a mask isn’t always the easiest, which has made phone calls especially difficult. However, there is now a device to help fix this issue… like so many other mundane items, masks have been made “smart” with the “c-mask”.

Shockingly, there is no punch line here. There is now a device that you can attach over your mask and connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth. This device then allows you to dictate your messages and send calls. There’s even a subscription for translation services.

Admittedly, it looks a little silly, but consider how neat something like that could be if it worked.

Besides that, other communication technologies have predictably been a central focus for many. Unfortunately, this pandemic has both emphasized the importance of advanced communication tech, like 5G and others, while also postponing and delaying them. With any luck, these setbacks (and the virus’ restrictions) will be temporary.

How have you managed thus far? Share how technology has helped in the comments.


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