Mar 24, 2022

Top 3 Security Measures to Take for Your E-Commerce Store



In the past two years, consumers switched to rely more and more on e-commerce stores to fulfill everyday shopping needs. But people are picky and are willing to change to other sellers if they are concerned for their privacy or security. 

Online stores are just as susceptible to data breaches as other small businesses, and when you’re dealing with customers’ personal information, your consumers will notice. But there are ways to fortify your e-commerce security to protect all its data. 

1. Stay Up to Date with Firewalls and Safety Plug-Ins

E-commerce stores have a lot of incoming traffic, so firewalls are essential to keep the threats out while allowing customers to seamlessly navigate your shop. You can also couple your firewall with security plug-ins to see a breakdown of your store’s traffic – plug-ins can help tell you when you’re under threat of hacking attempts.

2. Use HTTPS

You’re likely familiar with this acronym, hypertext transfer protocol secure, that sends information between your website and your customer’s web browser. It’s the gold standard of security, and the default HTTP is not enough to protect data in the modern landscape of cybersecurity. Not only will HTTPS protect your customers throughout the payment process, but your whole site. They’re looking for the little lock symbol beside the URL to know they’re secure

3. Help Your Customers Protect Themselves

As necessary as it is to ensure your site’s protection, you should also empower your customers to protect themselves. One way to do this is to encourage multi-factor identification for account protection or have comprehensive password requirements to protect your clients’ information. No matter which road you choose to take, the added layer of protection will ease the minds of consumers and keep them coming back. 

Bottom Line

When dealing with constant incoming traffic from customers entering credit card data, personal identifying information, and more, e-commerce stores need to take the extra step to ensure the consumers’ data as much as the companies.

With the growing competition in the e-commerce sphere, your security measures can be the thing to make your loyal customers switch to competitors. 

Netcotech’s experts can help you through the steps of setting up your e-commerce store to be as secure as possible. With the help of professionals, your data and the privacy of your customers will remain intact. 




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